Former Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, resigned in April 2017 amid scandal. According to a April 10, 2017 article by The New York Times, “It was a stunning downfall for the governor, a Republican who acknowledged in March 2016 that he had made sexually charged remarks to his senior political adviser”.

But, unfortunately, scandal in politics is not a new phenomenon. All one need do is perform a quick internet search to uncover plenty of instances of scandal in politics. The real mystery is when will Americans truly say ‘enough is enough’, and begin demanding more of their public servants…

How could it be considered asking too much, to demand that public servants do the job they are paid to do? Absent corruption, scandal, etc.

At The Common law Office (#TCLO), we believe it is important that politicians be held accountable for violating laws–just like anyone else. TCLO is building an exclusive legal enterprise to see to it that no man is above the law, no matter his position in society.

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