A constitution can amount to just a piece of paper without the people actively working to uphold it. It is not the government’s job to keep the government in check, it is the people’s job to– of their own initiative –provide governmental oversight.

Our Objective

The Common Law Office’s objective is to make aware and fight for the people’s inherent natural rights. And the right of every American to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The constitutional rights of the people are COMMON LAW rights not civil rights. They consist of Freedom of Speech; Freedom from Search & Seizure; Keep and Bear Arms; No excessive bail, fees, or cruel and unusual punishment; and no taxation without consent & representation.

We are building an exclusive legal enterprise to uphold the constitutions (state and federal), as well as restore the constitutional foundation that our Founders put in place years ago.

Our goals include:

  • Hold everyone equally accountable to the Law, including judges, politicians, police, etc.
  • Bring government back within the confines of the Constitutions and Laws
  • Restore the notion of “public servants” put in place to serve the best interest of the people as oppose to the government
  • Educate the people on how to prevent further encroachment upon their property and rights
  • Go before state and federal legislative bodies and interface with other government officials to promote enactment of protective Laws and public policies that protect natural and constitutional rights.
  • Make America the greatest it has ever been by advocating for liberty, freedom, and justice for all Americans, as well as working to meet the needs of our communities and all members thereof.

Our Budget

Honesty, integrity, and TRANSPARENCY are key to building trust. Let us earn yours!

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