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As demonstrated in the Proclamation of Peace of December 26, 2022 (NATIONAL REGISTER DOC ID# ME3-US1-12.26.2022); the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operating thereunder; as well as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and EVERY purported state-level “law enforcement” agency– including but not limited to state departments of [so-called] “law”, police departments, and sheriffs’ offices– are demonstrably unconstitutional wanting any jurisdiction in the American Republic. If assistance is needed verifying “law enforcement officials'” role in Treason against the American People or for any other legitimate reason, please contact us.

About Us

The Common Law Office™ (TCLO) is not a traditional law firm or legal practice. TCLO is the Department of Law for the Nation of Israel.

We operate under the common law system as our name suggests. Common law is a legal system derived from the Holy Bible, later adopted by the British and their former colonies, including  America.

Common law systems are contrasted with civil law systems, which are based on comprehensive codes and statutes enacted by contemporary legislatures. In civil law systems, judges primarily apply statutes and codes as written rather than relying heavily on (ancient) precedent.

In this context “civil” is not used in contrast to “criminal” but rather to indicate unwritten ancient customary law that predates civic government in America and every other Christian nation.

At The Common Law Office, we provide legal services based on the principles and interpretations of Israelitish common law on a local and international level, but are well-versed in civic law as well.

TCLO is not a corporate entity with personhood. It can be likened to a DBA (doing business as) proprietorship that bears the same legal rights and status of its owners. In other words, TCLO can access U.S. courts in the person(s) of Israelites with dual citizenship. Moreover, the State of Israel, as an international moral Person can access federal courts under the law of nations.

Yes–  amongst the most qualified lawyers in the world. We focus on the common law but also understand statutes and codes. The common law is the foundation of leading western nations’ Jurisprudence, which they borrowed from the United Kingdom of Israel (c. 1050 B.C.).

Common law refers to a legal system that is based on ancient custom, precedent, and Israelitish (later adopted by British) judicial decisions, rather than on (modern) written statutes or codes. It originated in the United Kingdom of Israel (c. 1050 B.C.) and has been influential in many countries that were once part of the British Empire, including the United States of America.

One of the key features of common law is its reliance on case law. Since it is unwritten, judges must consider previous court decisions when deciding current cases, which helps ensure consistency in legal interpretation. Judges do not have the authority to depart from precedent when operating at common law because, government is only sovereign when administering civic law that it created.

Common law is not “judge-made” law but rather the judicial application of customary principles from antiquity. Its origins predate the founding of America and Britain by millennia and cannot be created or even developed by U.S. judges. It is based on natural law from the Creator. Its foundations are in the Hebrew Bible.