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Reparations Overdue: State of Israel sues U.S. Government on behalf of Transatlantic Slavetrade Descendants

For centuries, western nations have refused to give justice to the millions of Israelites affected by their Crime Against Humanity. Lord Tsemach Yada ben David is now exacting justice and demanding reparations with interest.

In the annals of history, there is no single atrocity that matches the scale and lasting impact of the Transatlantic Slavetrade. Millions of Israelites– men, women, and children– were forcibly uprooted from their homes and transported to the Americas and the Caribbean, enduring inhumane conditions and a lifetime of servitude worse than anything known to mankind: chattel slavery. Legally, they were not considered humans, but animals worth only three fifths of a human. (See Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, U.S. Constitution)

Even after the alleged abolition of slavery, the effects of this dehumanizing institution continue to reverberate through generations, creating deep-seated racial disparities and inequalities that persist to this day. Israelite Genocide, also known in its more politically correct form, Critical Race Theory (CRT), is a measurable reality that dishonest individuals deny to avoid accountability. On one hand, they say they never personally owned slaves while on the other hand, they reap every benefit handed down to them from slavery.

More recently, U.S. President Biden asked the U.S. Congress for 100 billion in foreign aid and the U.S. has given more than 260 billion to the de facto Jewish State alone. After World War II, Germany paid billions in reparations to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Similarly, the U.S. government has provided reparations to Japanese-Americans placed in concentration camps during World War II. But when the Israelites who built and buttress the U.S. economy ask for compensation then everyone becomes confused about why or how the funding is possible. Interestingly, no one asked rhetorical questions when the U.S. spent 5 TRILLION dollars on a Covid stimulus package in 2021.

An appropriate legal maxim for this is “Actio exteriora indicant interiora secreta” (External actions show internal secrets). Instead of admitting their deep-rooted hatred, racists have continually diverted the conversation due to their belief that Israel does not serve reparations. But the GOD of Israel and His Son disagree with Babylon.

The State of Israel has filed suit against the U.S. Government for Slavery and Genocide. Learn more

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